EIA Events Speakers
Adriana Cabrera
EU Project funded: Network of labs for women sustainable materials: Innovation Consultant
Africa G. Zanella
Gender officer at Lifewatch ERiC, Civil Society Observer to the World Bank Climate Investment Fund, Focal Point for Gender
Ana Isabel Gálvez Pérez
PhD Engineer in Energy and Environment Technologies, Transformation Director.
Andrej Čuš
State Secretary, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Slovenia
Anna Michelle Asimakopoulou
MEP and Vice-Chair of the INTA, EPP, Greece
Anu Manickam
PhD, Researcher Hanze UAS
Arnold Chatelain Signify
Director Digital Transformation and Innovation
Arvea Marieni from BainCapital
Partner & Board Member at Brainscapital
Barbara Mounier Hydraloop
Head of Communications and Partner Strategy at Hydraloop Systems BV
Behnam Taebi
Full Professor of Energy & Climate Ethics, Delft University of Technology
Benjamin Delozier - EIA Events Speakers
Head of Innovation and Enterprise Development, French Finance Ministry
Bernd Schäfer
CEO, EIT RawMaterials
Bram Wijlands
Managing Director at RWTH Innovation GmbH
Brando Benifei
MEP, IMCO Committee, S&D, Italy, Member of the K4I Forum
Brigitte Weiss - EIA Events Speakers
Head of Unit for International Technology Policy and Programs, DG ITEC
Dmitrijs Stepanovs - EIA Events Speakers
Deputy State Secretary for the Higher Education and Research, Latvian Government
Fabrizio Porrino - EIA Events Speakers
Head of Secretariat, EU Unicorns Group
Franc Bogovic
MEP, REGI Committee, EPP, Slovenia, Member of the K4I Forum
Gianpiero Lotito - EIA Events Speakers
Co-founder and CEO of FacilityLive
Gustav Kalbe
DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology, European Commission
Russchenberg Herman
Pro Vice Rector Climate Action, Delft University of Technology
Iarla Kilbane-Dawe - EIA Events Speakers
UK Government Office for Artificial Intelligence
Irene Lopez de Vallejo
Co-founder DISCO.coop
Ivars Ijabs
MEP, ITRE Committee, Renew Europe, Latvia, Member of the K4I Forum
Jan Debets BAE
Head of Operations at Business Angels Europe at BAE
Jara Pascual
K4I Board Member, CEO-Founder, Author, Consultant
Javier Ponce Martínez - EIA Events Speakers
Director General, Centro de desarrollo tecnológico e industrial (CDTI)
Jean-Christophe Baret
Professor, Univ. Bordeaux, CNRS
Kristiaan De Greve
Scientific director and program director quantum computing
Krzysztof Gulda
Former Director in the Ministry of Economy and of Science and Higher Education, Poland
Lambert Van Nistelrooij
Former MEP and Honorary President of K4I Forum
Lina Gálvez Muñoz
MEP, Vice-Chair of the ITRE, S&D, Spain, Member of the K4I Forum
Manuel Heitor - EIA Events Speakers
Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Portugal
Maria Da Graça Carvalho Profile Picture
MEP, ITRE Committee, EPP, Portugal, Chair of the K4I Forum
Maria Kaisa Aula
State Secretary, Ministry of Finance, Finland
Mariya Gabriel Profile Picture
EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education, and Youth
Marjolein van Esch
Assistant Professor, Delft University of Technology
Markku Markkula
First Vice-President of the European Committee of the Regions
Markku Räsänen
Owner of H9i Partners, Advisor of IQM
Martins Valters
Co-Founder and CFO/COO at Mintos
Maud Vinet
Quantum Hardware program director, CEA-LETI
Menno Veldhorst
Associate Professor, QuTech/TU Delft
Nadine Nembach from EWMD
International Co-President of EWMD, Member of the Board at EWoB
Natalie Samovich
Co-Founder ResilientGroup, Enercoutim. SB, chair WG Energy AIOTI. Chair ETIP-SNET WG1. Advancing Energy Transition
Natasha Kapil
Senior Private Sector Specialist, World Bank Group (WBG)
Phoebe Koundouri
University Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business
Prof. Dragoş Mihael Ciuparu - EIA Events Speakers
Secretary of State for Research, Romanian Government
Roberta Metsola
President of the European Parliament, EPP, Malta
Sarah Casey Climate Council
Founder and CEO Climate Council Capital
Servaas Duterloo
Head of the EU Research Funding & International Programmes Unit of the Directorate of Strategic Development at TU Delft
Simoneta Manfredi Oxford Brooks
Director of Research, Innovation and Enterprise , Professor at Oxford Brookes University
Stefan Hengesbach
CEO of the Dutch Quantum Computing company QuiX Quantum
Susana Solís Pérez
MEP, REGI Committee, Renew Europe, Spain, Member of the K4I Forum
Teresa Riesgo Alcaide - EIA Events Speakers
Secretary General for Innovation, Ministry of Science and Innovation, Spain
Thomas Dermine - EIA Events Speakers
State Secretary for Economic Recovery and Strategic Investment, Belgium
Thomas Skordas DDG
Deputy Director-General of DG CONNECT, European Commission
Photo of Tim Van Der Hagen - EIA Events Speakers
Rector Magnificus, President of the Executive Board, TU Delft
Tom Berendsen
MEP, ITRE Committee, EPP, Netherlands
Tsvetelina Marinova Penkova
MEP, ITRE Committee, S&D, Bulgaria
Victor Negrescu
MEP, Vice-Chair of the CULT, S&D, Romania, Member of the K4I Forum
Victoria Hernandez CaixaBank
Board Member (NED) at CaixaBank Payments & Consumer. Financial and Telecom Executive. C-level and Board serial member
Willem Jonker
CEO , EIT Digital
Zygmunt Krasinski
President, Polish Chamber of Commerce for High Technology

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