Ana Isabel Gálvez Pérez

Ana Isabel Gálvez Pérez

From 2016, Ana Perez holds a PhD in Energy Technologies and Environment, acquired at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. Her experience focuses on innovation and digital transformation in the energy and industry sectors. She led the development and design of a project in the digital transformation for the energy sector, entitled Digital Plant. Moreover, during the pandemic, Ana led the disruptive transformation of a legacy system to support power plant operation.

Furthermore, in 2012 she worked at the Direction Development Program for High Potential Professional Women at Escuela De Organización Industrial and in 2017-2018, she continued with the Executive Leadership Program for Women in Top Management Levels, Promociona.

Ana Isabel Galvez Perez developed an initiative to promote the green energy share consumption for mitigating energy poverty, which resulted in installing photovoltaic panels in a public school, and a part of the produced electricity being shared with a vulnerable community.

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    PhD Engineer in Energy and Environment Technologies, Transformation Director.