Anu Manickam

Anu Manickam

Anu Manickam, Specialist in Complexity and Systems Innovation in Regional Development at the Centre of Expertise – Entrepreneurship; member of development team realizing collaborative innovation spaces in local and regional communities.

Contribution on: Engaged in the Region – case of the Innovation Food Hub Moving students and applied research off-campus into Innovation Spaces focussed on local challenges with local businesses, government and civic organizations work together FoodInnovation Hub: question of how to improve business prospects of local farmers and other agri-food businesses emerged from open sessions in the area; Students at Hanze worked on various aspects of this; results served the immediate businesses but led to a larger regional issue of need for innovation in the sector; two different aspects emerged: the need for a regional chain ‘Food Factory’ with shorter and local supply chains new types of businesses, knowledge, collaborations and business models needed Launch of Food Innovation Hub, September 2021.

Municipality, HEI, VET, farmers, banks, other businesses supported by area cooperative Approach to ‘Engaged’ (book) describes the methodology how we engage in the region – will be made available

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    PhD, Researcher Hanze UAS