Arvea Marieni from BainCapital

Arvea Marieni

ARVEA is a partner and board member of management advisory company Brainscapital and Technical Director for the Regenerative Society Foundation, Co-Chaired by US Economist Jeffrey Sachs, and Italian entrepreneur Andrea Illy. As a strategy adviser, climate policy expert and innovation manager, she specialises in EU-China environmental cooperation and serves as a European Commission expert and a consultant with the UNFCCC.

In her consulting practice, she assists public and private sector clients in the fields of environmental technologies, the ecological transition and sustainable business models, across various industries (e.g. shipbuilding, waste management and secondary raw materials, water treatment, refrigeration, medical engineering, logistics). Her current clients include the French chapter of buildingSMART, the industry body driving the digital transformation of the building asset industry.

In 2021, she was appointed as a jury member and rapporteur for the first edition of the European Innovation Procurement Awards (EUIPA). The awards, supported by the European Innovation Council (EIC) under HORIZON, aim to recognise public and private buyers in their efforts to promote and stimulate innovation procurement, with a view at creating new and sustainable markets, and tackling societal challenges such as climate change.

Since December 2021, Arvea is a faculty member and member of the scientific committee for the Master on Sustainability – at the 24ORE Business School, the Italian leading provider of higher and tertiary education services. 24ORE Business School was created in 1991 as a business unit of Il Sole 24 Ore, the national business newspaper owned by the Italian employers’ association.

She is a keynote speaker at international conferences (e.g., UNIDO, Stiftung Energie und Klimaschutz, “EU-China 2020 Strategic Agenda for Cooperation”, organised by the College of Europe in partnership with the European Economic and Social Committee), a Sustainability Columnist as well as a regular contributor to Italian and international media outlets (La Ragione; China Daily, Formiche, etc.).

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