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In July 2019, the K4I Forum presented its 2030 strategy ‘Towards A European Innovation Area’ at the Welcome Reception for New and Returning MEPs. The need for a European Innovation Area has since been discussed on multiple occasions with members of the European Parliament, Commissioner Gabriel, and Europe’s innovation community actors.

Innovation is key in accelerating the green and digital economy of tomorrow. Now is the time to bolster Europe’s innovation landscape to foster this transition. In order to tap into the full potential of Europe’s knowledge and talent, there must be a cohesive network linking together all innovation actors. To achieve this, it is imperative to establish a robust framework for innovation policy in the EU. The time is now for a European Innovation Area that empowers all innovators and entrepreneurs across the continent to realise their full potential.

EUTOP50 Startups Convention, Hemicycle, EP, Brussels. 9th European Innovation Summit.

EUTOP50 Startups Convention, Hemicycle, EP, Brussels

The European Innovation Area Manifesto
An open call for actionable ideas

Our Manifesto outlines 8 focus areas for accelerating Europe’s transition towards a pan-European innovation ecosystem.

Together with the K4I Forum Chair, MEP Maria da Graça Carvalho and other K4I Forum political members, EIT KICs, European Partnerships, universities, and innovation support organisations, we present the Manifesto calling for actionable ideas and work with Commissioner Mariya Gabriel to build a powerful European Innovation Area for the benefit of Europe, its citizens, and its enterprises.


Tech Sovereignty

The development of a cohesive ecosystem that fosters innovative excellence within the European continent.

Green Transition

Innovation and new technologies will drive the transformation to a climate neutral future.

Europe’s Deep Tech Opportunity

Deep Tech is defined by its profound enabling power and its potential to catalyze change.

Women-led VCs and Startups

There needs to be more women investors, more funding and more investment in women-led startups and entrepreneurs.

From Education to Entrepeneurship

The HEI Initiative unlocks the full innovation potential of higher education institutions by increasing their entrepreneurial and innovation capacity.

Fostering Innovation Cohesion Among EU Regions

The gap in innovation performance remains larger than the gap for most other basic economic indicators, such as GDP per capita, employment, and productivity.

Regulating Emerging Technologies

Regulation should incentivize the creation of a level playing field in the area of innovation, ensuring that new technologies work toward the benefit of society.

Financing Innovation and New Technologies

Innovative technologies do not only need human capital, strong supportive ecosystems and a supportive legal framework, they require substantial investment.

Get involved!
Join us on the journey to the European Innovation Area

With your ideas and activities you can contribute to the 1st EIAS programme from today on and help shaping Europe’s future innovation policy agenda. A selection of the most pertinent ideas will be published on this website and further discussed during the summit event at the end of June in Brussels.

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