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European Innovation Area Summit, Brussels. June 2022

Innovators Magazine: Everything you need to know about the European Innovation Area Summit

My guest today on Inside Ideas is Dr Roland Strauss – one of the most influential figures within the European innovation landscape.

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Innovators Magazine Dec 2020 Issue - European Innovation Sponsor
European Innovation Summit, Brussels. December 2020

Innovators Magazine: European Innovation Area on the Horizon

Inside the EUTOP50. Equality and the “new normal”

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Innovators Magazine Nov 2008 Issue - European Innovation Sponsor
European Innovation Summit, Brussels. November 2018

Innovators Magazine: Impact Innovators

EUTOP50 Founders, Tech Festival. Young Pioneers set an example. Moonshots for Europe.

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Innovators Magazine Nov 2017 issue - European Innovation Sponsor
European Innovation Summit, Brussels. November 2017

Innovators Magazine: Industries transforming our world

EUTop 50 Startups. Bertrand Piccard’s 1000 solutions

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A selection of articles about our activities
Mariya Gabriel Science Business article
Science Business article

Innovation manifesto looks to address causes of EU’s heavy reliance on technology from beyond its borders.

Call for ideas on European innovation area makes tech sovereignty a key priority. Current dependence on high tech imports is both an economic loss and a potential security threat, the manifesto says

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Mariya Gabriel Research Professional News
Research Professional News

Gabriel fleshes out her vision for a European Innovation Area - Research Professional News

EU strategy needs “rethinking” in light of changes in innovation, says R&D commissioner

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EURACTIV - Opinions

An idea whose time has come

If it seems obvious that innovation is key to accelerating the green and digital economy of tomorrow, then it must also be obvious that a robust framework for innovation policy is needed in the EU, writes Dr Roland Strauss.

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EURACTIV - News - Technology

Experts call for focus on quantum computing in Chips Act

“While for semiconductors, the EU is lagging behind so much already”, the EU should invest in the next technologies, such as quantum computing, an area “where the EU is actually a leader”, said Tom Berendsen, Dutch MEP and member of the file’s leading European Parliament Committee on Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE).

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